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Our team has the tools and experience necessary to help any company, association or organization navigate the complex legislative and regulatory environment surrounding the health care and health manufacturing industries. The various sectors within the healthcare industry are under more pressure and scrutiny than ever, while also facing significant opportunity in the marketplace. We help clients manage risk, identify various government funding opportunities, and create strategic advocacy solutions to advance the future of healthcare.


Health Care Experts:

Alex Vogel

Chief Executive Officer

Samir Kapadia

Managing Principal

Ali Khimji


Bill McGinley

General Counsel and Principal

Bobby Cunningham


Nikhil Dhingra


Gabby Smith


Case Study

The Vogel Group worked with a large-scale generic drug manufacturing company to support various initiatives with the federal government, including legislative advocacy, government funding, and drug pricing regulation.


Given the size and scope of the company’s business, the Vogel Group dedicated substantial resources to address the company’s vast policy priorities, straddling traditional healthcare issues and strategic growth objectives.

For example, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had rolled out a new drug pricing schedule that negatively impacted future earnings forecasts for some of the company’s key drug products. The Vogel Group facilitated direct conversations with FDA professional staff to highlight inconsistencies with previous policies. This interaction resulted in a clarification of the pricing schedule that greatly benefited the client.

In other circumstances, our team worked to track and advance key pieces of legislation impacting the generic drug manufacturing industry. By routinely amplifying the company’s priorities with Members of Congress and their staff, including arranging both site visits and DC fly-ins, we amplified the voice of the CEO on key matters before Congress. As a result, the CEO was invited to testify at a congressional hearing on drug pricing policy.

Lastly, the Vogel Group provided a roadmap on how to take advantage of government grant and loan programs. This included facilitating conversations with the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), The Small Business Administration (SBA), and several other agencies. Through these efforts, the company is now one of the fastest-growing generic drug manufacturers in the country. They continue to expand into new initiatives based on our team’s efforts in Washington.