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Relevant Agencies and Committees

House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committee

Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans organizations trust the Vogel Group to advocate for the fair and appropriate treatment of our outstanding veterans. We have worked to defend clients when they found themselves under threat from legislation that would force them to close and prevent them from providing critical services to our veterans. From nationally branded issue awareness campaigns to polling and direct legislative advocacy efforts, we are proud to work to support our nation’s veterans.


Veterans Experts:

Ali Khimji


Gabbi Salmon

Senior Associate

Case Study

The Vogel Group worked with a consulting company focused on assisting veterans in navigating the VA disability process by defeating legislation that threatened the heart of their operations.


The Vogel Group first identified threatening legislation and thoughtfully crafted an engagement strategy to defeat the legislation. While the bill had widespread support, the Vogel Group successfully completed an opposition campaign with various House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Members. Through these meetings, we educated committee members and crucial staff on the company and the risk posed by the bill to their operations and countless veteran customers. As a result of The Vogel Group’s engagement, the bill was withdrawn, and the company’s operations were not affected.