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We are proud of our successes in helping Florida farmers advance their interests by defending against threats to their ability to operate, as well as by affirmatively improving the regulatory paradigm under which they function.

Development and Land Use

As Florida’s favorable climate and economic opportunities continue to attract growth, the development community faces an evolving suite of state and local regulations that affects their ability to service the needs of a growing population.


We understand the varied and complex regulatory and budgetary challenges of the education sector.

Environment and Natural Resources

Our government affairs team has helped shape, pass, and in some cases defeat every significant policy initiative affecting the development, utilization, and protection of Florida lands and natural resources.

Electric and Water, Wastewater Utilities

The Vogel Group’s team has a laundry list of successes for Florida electric, water, and wastewater utilities.

State and Local Appropriations

We have leveraged our key relationships and policy expertise to secure funding for issues that run the full spectrum, including water quality data analytics, agricultural research programs, septic to sewer conversions, and boating access.


Vogel Group experts understand the increasing role that technology plays in informing policymaker decision-making and achieving business and government objectives.


We possess deep expertise in the laws, regulations, and often complex political and legal environment confronting this critical component of Florida’s economy.