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Leveraging our expertise on policy issues and relationships with policymakers, our team advises corporations, private equity firms, and hedge funds on policy and regulatory considerations across specific investment decisions.

We help clients understand and appropriately respond to policy, political, and regulatory risks and outcomes by:

Providing Corporate development teams with assessments of policy and regulatory outcomes as it relates to operations or strategic planning for an enterprise;

Assisting investment teams and corporate decision-makers find opportunities stemming from policy changes or political developments;

Managing crisis defense strategies for businesses, including the investigation of reputational and substantive threats, and formulating actions, engagements, and messages to mitigate and repel threats;

Conducting, managing, and delivering any research project, polling, or political forecasting and trend analysis with impressive accuracy promptly;

Investigating, formulating, and executing strategies to deter and mitigate the efforts of anti-corporate and other activists.


Due Diligence & Policy Research Experts:

Ali Khimji


Gabby Smith