Policy Accountability

Talk is cheap in Washington – that’s why you need a partner with a proven track record of getting results.

Our team’s expertise and close relationships with key influencers ensure that your policy commitments are translated into action. By monitoring legislation and reviewing external government relations partners’ lobbying activity, we guarantee that your policy positions are being advocated for and communicated efficiently and accountably.

Our suite of service includes:

  • Monitoring lobbying efforts in Washington and across state capitals to ensure your policy vision becomes a reality
  • Following up with each individual to ensure your message has been faithfully communicated and your allies are working to bring that goal to fruition
  • Ensuring that all lobbying disclosures are compliant, timely, and accurately reflect the client’s position and commitment
  • Assisting your lobbyists in identifying policymakers who may serve as effective allies
  • Generating a quarterly lobbying audit, summarized for executives and decision makers, which includes all legislation of relevance to each client and an ongoing synopsis of current engagement efforts

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