Global Business Advisory

At The Vogel Group, we understand the policy drivers that impact trade, manufacturing, regulation, and state/local incentives.

As business analysts, we understand how regulations impact company performance and operations. Favorable regulations can drive earnings growth by opening up new markets and creating new business verticals. At the same rate, policy can be a drag on a company as costs increase with compliance or new industry standards.

We create business strategies that capitalize on regulations and policy so that Boards, executives and strategic team leaders see results in their top and bottom line. Our firm has helped companies gain a foothold in the U.S. by advising on locations for new investments and working with state officials on incentive packages. We have helped manage over $1 billion worth of new client investments into the U.S. Additionally, we excel in preparing and filing tariff exemptions, and working with lawmakers to ensure agency officials hear from vested stakeholders, advising on global trade and supply chain logistics matters, and working to ensure all incentives are maximized from a business planning perspective.

Our services generally focus on:

  • Increasing Revenue – Gaining access to new markets, facilitating government approvals for new products and services, securing procurement contracts from government agencies and appropriations, assuring all local and federal tax credits / incentives are being maximized, and work to improve business efficiencies.
  • Lowering Costs – Filing for property tax abatements, getting state/local incentives and grants, reducing compliance costs, advocating for deregulation, ensuring local utility and tax rates are as low as possible, and preparing, filing, and monitoring tariff exemptions under both Section 301 and 232.
  • Strategic Planning – Identifying sites for new investments or capital improvements to existing structures, working with state/local economic development committees and boards to ensure incentive packages are crafted appropriately with maximum savings, and helping your C-Suite plan for the future.
  • Raising Costs for Competitors – Creating barriers to entry and setting new industry standards.

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