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Federal Lobbying and Government Relations

Our relationships extend to Republicans and Democrats, Members of Congress and executive branch officials, all the way to governor’s offices and state legislatures across the nation. We understand the intricacies involved in public policy and provide our clients with custom-built strategies required to influence these decisions.

Global Business Advisory

Our team works with businesses of all sizes to understand and analyze global and domestic supply chains and business models. Using that insight, we specialize in preparing a plan that will maximizing incentive opportunities for companies that are seeking to make significant capital investments, increase operational efficiency, and avoid negative impacts from unfavorable legislation while seeking legislative and regulatory changes to enhance these outcomes.

Due Diligence & Research

Private equity firms and corporate development teams trust The Vogel Group because we understand that decisions must incorporate a comprehensive assessment of perspectives from Washington and state capitals. Our due diligence practice provides strategic insights to navigate the intersection of business and policy while our research arm can provide companies with any qualitative or quantitative analysis or political polling and forecasting.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Advisory

The Vogel Group has a proven track record helping some of the largest global companies in the world successfully enter the U.S. market with both greenfield and brownfield opportunities.

Policy Accountability

Our team’s expertise and close relationships with elected officials, key influencers, and the media, ensure that your policy commitments are translated into action. By monitoring legislation in near real time and reviewing external government relations partners’ lobbying activity, we guarantee that your policy positions are being advocated for and communicated efficiently and accountably. We will craft a custom policy accountability report to show your leadership, the consumers, or the media that you are turning your rhetoric into results.

Global Workforce Practice

Domestic and international companies of all sizes rely on us to work with agencies and Congress to not only ensure their employees receive timely visas, but that their views on smart workforce policies are heard. We will work with you to prepare, file, monitor, and encourage your company visa applications throughout the process. Our practice primarily focuses on H1-B, H2-B, and L-Visas, however with over 80 different work visas, we specialize in a dozen. Leveraging decades of experience in business, government, and tech-focused non-profits, our team is lead by former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Senior Vice President Pamela Covington.

State and Local Government Relations

We are experts in understanding, engaging and driving public policy narratives at the state and local level. With a business-first focus, our team helps companies drive revenue through legislative engagement, procurement support, regulatory relief, or lower costs through credits and grants offered by state, county and local entities.

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