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Lobbying/Government Relations

Our relationships extend to Republicans and Democrats, Members of Congress and executive branch officials, and to governors across the nation. We understand the intricacies involved in public policy decisions and provide our clients with custom-built strategies required to influence these decisions.

Business Advisory

We specialize in maximizing incentive opportunities for companies that are seeking to make significant capital investments. We leverage our policy expertise and relationships at both the state and federal level in order to favorably position companies before key decision makers.

Due Diligence & Research

Private equity firms and corporate development teams trust The Vogel Group because we understand that decisions must incorporate a comprehensive assessment of perspectives from Washington and state capitals. Our due diligence practice provides strategic insights to navigate the intersection of business and policy.

Policy Accountability

Our team’s expertise and close relationships with key influencers ensure that your policy commitments are translated into action. By monitoring legislation and reviewing external government relations partners’ lobbying activity, we guarantee that your policy positions are being advocated for and communicated efficiently and accountably.

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